Munchkin Meals at 16 Months

Obliviously I haven’t been blogging. But I an making an effort to jump back in! How do you other mamas do it!?

Thanks Brittany for hosting Munchkin Meals! At 16 months, Milo is a good eater. He prefers healthy foods over sweets, he recently ate fruit instead of chocolate cake at a BBQ (both were in front of him)…. Awesome!

Since I am currently raising him a vegetarian I need to make sure he is getting all the proper nutrition. We use flax to add omegas and healthy fat to his diet, lots of olive oil, avocados, chia seeds, and since he doesn’t like milk he gets half hemp milk, half oat milk.

In general he eats good portions. However there are meals (some times days) he doesn’t eat what seems like enough. I never force him to eat, he knows if he is hungry or not.

Fruit (berries, watermelon) *not pictured because Milo ate them at our neighborhood coffee shop.
Greek yogurt with flax and blackstrap molasses (for iron) or steel cut oats with a bit of brown sugar (or agave) and flax.


A whole apple with a bit taken out to help him start it or freeze dried fruit and Cheerios.

Kamut pasta with Raos sauce, feta, Trader Joes Edamame Hummus, roasted carrots and broccoli. (Normally Milo also has 1/2 an avocado).


We do Kamut pasta because it is only one ingredient AND is high in protein and iron.

Pita and hummus with tahini, roasted broccoli, and tabouli. Not pictured strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.


Thanks for reading!
Vicky and Milo

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One Response to Munchkin Meals at 16 Months

  1. Ohhh… tell me more about this molasses for iron, please! Sounds great!
    Thanks for linking up :)

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