Baby-Led Weaning

So, we began the adventure of solid foods. I read and re-read Baby-Led Weaning, I took infant CPR, I deliberated over what Milo’s first foods should be, and I searched the Internet to learn about other peoples experiences with introducing solid foods. I know that babies will gag when they eat, it is natural, but it TERRIFIES me.

Milo is officially 6 months old and ready to eat. In the beginning I let him suck on apples or lick a banana. However, for his first food I gave him some watermelon and banana. He was ecstatic. He sucked and then began chewing it. He got a piece off and gagged… Gagged and vomited a little. It was scary but I kept my calm and of course he was fine. I decided to hold off solids of a few more days (there was evidence that he did swallow a little watermelon). Next I gave him a very over cooked sweet potato. He mushed it around, sucked it off his tray, rubbed it on his belly and had a blast. Again, evidence showed he actually ate some. Today we experimented with broccoli. He seemed to have fun, no gagging thankfully. I am contemplating steel cut oats tomorrow.

I guess we will see how it goes… Like I said ADVENTURE!

Vicky and Milo



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2 Responses to Baby-Led Weaning

  1. H loved broccoli as one of her first foods. It’s good for mom, too, because it has a natural handle and they usually just suck off the top of the leafy part, which makes it less scary. You’re doing great and Milo is so cute!

    • Victoria says:

      Thanks Brittany! Your little one is adorable! Loved your post when you gave her peanut butter for the first time… The emergency parking lot was actually what I was planning too!

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